Our moto

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Or just support their community’s cultural and educational needs.


Born out of a need to organize and engage the Israeli-American community in Orange County CA. Since its founded, OC Israeli continues its outreach efforts to fulfill its mission.


Oc Israeli strives to offer full range of adult, family and youth events. from cultural, to social, educational and just-for-fun celebrations check out our calendar and join us on our next fun fulfilling event.


For Kids

From Sifryat Pijama to imported kids shows, family picnic and holiday celebration our youngsters are busy in celebrating their culture. Check out our calendar for our next fun event.


“Uniting our community by providing programs and events to

tighten and enrich the bond to our heritage .”

— OC Israeli

Our Goals

  • Address our community’s cultural needs
  • connect our next generation with their heritage
  • Enrich the bond to Israel
  • Strengthen the ties with the jewish American community
  • Connect our offsprings to the hebrew language 
  • Celebrate Israeli and jewish holidays
  • Address our community social needs
  • Organize and promote fun Israeli events

Our Team